Rick Smith

Chief of Police

Working with a true professional such as Gary gave me confidence in the entire hiring process. Gary was able to convey information promptly and accurately, and his overall demeanor helped me excel in my presentation. Gary brought out the best I could give.

U. Renee Hall

Chief of Police

Gary’s experience in major city searches really showed in the Dallas police chief search process. He was organized, professional, and thoughtful. His encouragement throughout the search put me at ease and allowed me to perform my best when it mattered most – during the exhaustive selection process. For that, I will always be grateful.

Bill Scott

Bill Scott Chief of Police

Had it not been for Gary Peterson recruiting me for the position of Chief of Police for the San Francisco Police Department, I would not have applied. I found Gary to be a very professional, open, and honest executive recruiter. Additionally, he maintained outstanding communication with me throughout the application process.