Specialization and Accessibility Are Vital in the Police Chief Search Process

Here at Public Sector Search & Consulting, we help cities, universities, and community colleges find new police leadership. We consider ourselves to be a “boutique” recruiting firm, because we only recruit police chiefs, and we limit our projects so we can provide exceptional customer service. As the President and CEO, I take great pride in the work we do. I believe in our boutique model because I’ve seen what happens when an organization hires a larger firm, thinking they were hiring a specialist who was going to be their partner in the process, but instead they were shuffled into the mix of dozens of other searches. 

I’ve heard from candidates who said they were a finalist for a police chief position and they had never spoken directly with the recruiter doing the search, and other candidates who applied for chief positions and were never even acknowledged by the recruiter. 

I can think of two key reasons for hiring a boutique-style recruiting firm: specialization and accessibility. Both can be absent within large search firms, but with PSSC, it’s how we do business.

  1. When it comes to recruiting for the position of Chief of Police, specialization matters. Our recruiters are former police chiefs and we only recruit police chiefs, which gives our clients a huge advantage. Why? We are constantly talking to current chiefs, law enforcement thought-leaders, and rising stars in law enforcement from all over the country. This translates to recruiters who fundamentally understand the issues facing cities and colleges today and know where to find the leaders who can bring change. Our database of police chief candidates is unrivaled, resulting in a richer and more diverse candidate pool for our clients to consider. 
  2.  Another major benefit of working with a boutique recruiting firm like PSSC is accessibility and focused attention on our clients. Have you ever worked with a recruiting firm and only dealt primarily with their support staff? Or did you have to make an appointment to speak to your recruiter? Was that appointment several days from the time you needed them? We’ve seen this firsthand, and I’ve heard many complaints about other firms from city staff. 

 As a client of Public Sector Search you’ll work directly with your recruiter. When you have a question or concern, all you have to do is call us, and your recruiter will answer the phone. With fewer management and staff layers, along with a streamlined process, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently, leading to happier clients and a more satisfying search process. When your recruiter is focused on one goal, the results speak for themselves.

If your organization is looking for a partner in your next Police Chief search, we would love to have the opportunity to work with you. Call us, and let’s get started.

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