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Public Sector Search & Consulting, Inc. provides executive search, consulting, and interim placement services to cities, counties, special districts, universities and community colleges.

Special Focus Area: Executive Search – Chief of Police

Executive search for chiefs of police and other public safety professionals is a particular expertise of the firm.

Our founder, Gary Peterson, has a strong track record of success with Chief of Police searches in major cities, major universities, and both mid-sized and smaller cities. Mr. Peterson has developed strong relationships with hundreds of police leaders throughout the nation.

Our firm is sensitive to contemporary community expectations for chief of police searches.  We address issues of inclusion, transparency, and community trust-building in our process. The firm is committed to a search and selection process that produces 21st-century police leaders who can manage and lead change.

Our expertise adds value because we design a selection process that challenges even the strongest candidates. At the conclusion of the selection process, our clients will know who can lead the change, manage people and engage their community. 

Mr. Peterson directed the following searches for his previous firm:

  • Board of Police Commissioners -Kansas City, Mo (2017)
  • City of Dallas, TX (2017)
  • City of Sacramento, CA (2017)
  • City of San Francisco, CA (2017)
  • City of Fairfield, CA (2017)
  • University of California, Davis (2017)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (2017)
  • University of California, San Francisco (2016)

interim placements

When you have a sudden departure of a City Manager, Chief of Police, or other department head, a city or department can become dysfunctional.

At Public Sector Search & Consulting, we will support you during this transitional period by finding an experienced professional who can help stabilize your city or department. During this time, our consultants will work with your organization to conduct a search for the permanent executive.

Law Enforcement Consulting

Independent Police Department Assessment

We will provide a comprehensive, objective, third-party, assessment of operational policies, procedures, and protocols. We provide recommendations on critical gaps and opportunities to improve the agency’s performance and future

Onboarding & Executive Coaching

We offer onboarding and coaching solutions to assist your new law enforcement executives as they move through the ranks.

Campus Safety

Campus Safety and public safety are not interchangeable.  We offer high-level training around campus safety and high-risk events.

Police Officer Recruitment

With a national shortage candidates for law enforcement positions, we provide effective solutions to help organizations recruit a diverse pool of qualified candidates to compete for these positions.